Welcome to Eken Cup June 14-16 2024!

A warm thank you to the participating teams 2023 for making it a success and contributing to youth and children’s handball.

The tournament 2023 gathered more than 450 youth, senior and para handball teams from all over Sweden, Finland and Estonia in one of the largest handball festivals of the year. We hope that the cup lead to positive experiences and that you are looking forward to more handball on grass.

Special offering if you register teams before January 1st, 2024

❶ Teams that signs up for at least 10 Guest cards with overnight stay included get the registration fee free of charge.

❷ If a club jointly register 5 teams or more and sign up for at least 10 Guest cards with overnight stay per team, Eken Cup is offering one Guest card free of charge for a leader/coach per team (living in a multi-bed room with 2 nights stay or overnight stay in a school).

Registration is found on the website.

We also wish to thank our sponsors and partners for June 2023 for a great collaboration!