Competition information

Registration deadline

Registration closes May 15th 2024, but for teams with hotel stay included in their Guest Cards deadline is May 1st, 2024.

Dates and time schedule

Eken Cup is played between Friday June 14th and Sunday June 16th, 2024.

Games are played between ca 08.00-20.00 (8am – 8pm) all three days. Some adjustments are made for teams that are travelling (for example with ferry arriving early Friday morning June 14th.

The Game Schedule is published and found in the top menu! Small changes may occur until June 8th.


Senior MenMen born 2006 and olderEken Cup for seniors
Senior WomenWomen born 2006 and olderEken Cup for seniors
B16Boys born 2008 or 2007The Youth Cup
G16Girls born 2008 or 2007 The Youth Cup
B14Boys born 2009The Youth Cup
G14Girls born 2009The Youth Cup
B13Boys born 2010The Youth Cup
G13Girls born 2010The Youth Cup
B12Boys born 2011The Youth Cup
G12Girls born 2011The Youth Cup
B11*Boys born 2012The Youth Cup
G11*Girls born 2012The Youth Cup
B10*Boys born 2013The Youth Cup
G10*Girls born 2013The Youth Cup
B9Boys born 2014The Mini Cup
G9Girls born 2014The Mini Cup
B8Boys born 2015The Mini Cup
G8Girls born 2015The Mini Cup
Para-handball Para handball is for players with a functional variation that make them unable to participate in the traditional handball on equal terms.

B = boys and G = girls. The club has the right to register multiple teams in the same class. There is no possibility of free representation in teams within the same class.

* The goal of the Youth Cup for G10, B10, G11 and B11 will have a lower cross bar!

The Mini cup

In our special “Minipark” the mini-tournament is played in separate age groups, all to create even conditions in the game.

The Mini Cup will be played Friday – Sunday.

Eken Cup will follow the recommendations of the Swedish Handball Association and will not show any results and will not have any playoffs for the classes born in B/G8 and B/G9. The teams are guaranteed at least 6 games and all players will receive a medal after their last game.

All games are played 2 x 15 min.

The Youth cup

This is where you will find most of the participants in Eken Cup. When you are not playing handball then there are plenty of opportunities to make new contacts with other youths from Sweden and other countries. Eken Cup is the perfect ending of the handball season or the perfect beginning.

The Youth Cup will be played Friday – Sunday.

The Youth Cup is played in a group with 3-5 teams. After that they have met all the teams in their first group, the team proceed to a new group with 3-5 teams. From this group the team proceeds to semi-finals and finals as well as placement games.

In Classes B/G10 and B/G11 there are no semi-finals or finals. All players receive a medal after their last game.

All games are played 2 x 15 min.

Eken Cup for seniors

Eken Senior Cup is a tournament for senior teams. Our hope is to encourage our neighbours in the Nordic countries as well as others around the Baltic to the handball game and friendly meetings in Stockholm.

Most of the games will be played on artificial grass.

Eken Cup for seniors only have an A-final round. Finals are played in a cup format.

Tournament will be played Saturday and Sunday.

All games are played 2 x 15 min.


Eken Cup is arranging para-handball Saturday June 15th. These games will be organized on the playing fields closest to the main spectator seating area in the most central place on Gubbängsfältet.

Prize Ceremony

There will be a prize ceremony after each A- and B-Final.

The Mini Cup will have a prize ceremony after each final near the ”Minipark”.

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