Important info and news for Eken Cup 2023

The preliminary schedule was published Sunday evening. We hope you have managed to check it out!

  1. It is very important for each team to have their coach registered in the event of any changes so that the information goes to the right person. It is extra important to double-check this for teams that was registered centrally by one person in the club.
  2. We also need to get all players registered in our system as soon as possible to handle potential exceptions before the tournament starts. All players needs to be registered at least before the first game in case there are no exceptions that require approval.

News: This year we have decided to put result boards by each large game field (from Y10) to make it easier for the audience to keep up with the game. Each team needs to allocate one person per game that takes care of it and that will check the result with the referee in half-time. If the result is not the same as the referees score card at the end of the game it is the referee result that is valid.