Eken Cup 2020 is cancelled

We had hoped to come with another announcement but after a recently updated risk assessment the board has concluded that Eken Cup 2020 needs to be cancelled, for the first time since its start in 1976.

Due to the restrictions from the Government on gatherings of more than 50 participants valid from March 29th and until further notice, encouragements to avoid travels and other limiting restrictions in Sweden and nearby countries with the purpose to reduce cross contamination of the Covid-19 virus in the community we cannot see any other alternative.   

We are grateful for the large interest in Eken Cup, the sports event we all look forward to as a natural starting point of the summer and appreciate everyone that has registered. Please note that Eken Cup will refund all registration fees that has already been paid, as we promised!

We now look forward to creating an Eken Cup tournament in June 2021 together with all of you amazing handboll players, coaches, referees, spectators, volunteers and sponsors on a rebuilt and improved sports field and at the same time celebrate that Eken Cup is running for the 45th time! 

The board wishes everyone a healthy continuation of the year and a warm welcome to Stockholm and Gubbängsfältet 2021!

We also wish to thank our main sponsors and partners for a good collaboration.