Streethandball with Jennie Linnéll

In Hjulsta, Ricoh, Spånga HK and Hjulsta school conduct a variant of handball called “Streethandball” or “Hand the ball”. The intention is to create interest in handball and at the same time enrich the children with sports activities.
“Sports gets fun when it happens by itself,” says Ingemar Linnéll, Sport Manager in Ricoh. Nevertheless, leaders are needed and the challenge is to find them without the business becoming federal. At least it will eventually happen, but best if children are playing and discovering what makes it fun.

Now streethandball comes to the Eken Cup. Under the leadership of Jennie Linnéll, player in Skuru IK, we are building an environment to play on Gubbängsfältet. We hope that everyone who does not get tired of their own matches will find here and play a little bit! The street handball will be on place 17 and 19 June.