Don’t miss the jubilee match on Sunday the 19th

Do not miss the exciting match at 14:00 on Sunday, June 19 between Hammarby golden team from 2006 and current team in Hammarby.

The match will start at 14:20 on field 35 (artificial grass). As all the other matches of Eken Cup the matchtime will be 2 x 15 min. At half-time there will be penalty shoot-out for all children who want to try, and after the game there is the opportunity to get autographs from the players.

This season’s team lines up with the following squad: Robin Hallberg, Nisse Pettersson, Andreas Halvarsson, Alexander Morsten, Patrik Lindblad, Johan Nilsson, Axel Svansson, Martin Dolk, Viktor Bergklint, Gunnar Pettersson, Jonathan Wenell, Jesper Johansson, Adam Norman, Erik Borgenhäll. Leaders are Kalle Matsson, Magnus Oscarsson and Lasse “Bebben” Bjerén.

The golden team from 2006 line up with the following squad: Lukas Karlsson, Lars Arvidsson, Mikael Astrom, Janne Ekman, Daniel Båverud, Johan Båverud, Texas Olsson, Olle Johannesson, Espen Nygård, Tobias Ferngren. Leaders are Anne Hopfgarten, PO Fagerstrom Per Lindblom and “No. 12”.