Handbollförbundet Öst will award six HIMLA BRA LAG (Great teams) during Eken Cup 2022.

Is your team one of them? The award cermony will take place Sunday June 17th at 5 PM.

In order to become A GREAT TEAM, the team is evaluated on how they live up to the guidelines provided by the Swedish handball federation considering training material, policies and the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

The criterias are:

  • Focus on the individual accomplishment.
  • The team, coaches and parents behave in a positive manner to each other and to the referees, as well as to the opponents players, coaches and parents.
  • The game is played considering the children and youths well-being.
  • Everyone gets to play.
  • The team follows the Swedish handball federations training recomendations.

Instructors and referees, coached by the regional handball federation, will appoint the winning teams. They will evaluate the teams in the tournament by watching the games on the field and observe what’s going on around the team. They will also ask questions to coaches, parents, referees and players in order to get an idea of the team spirit and the climate around the team.