Decision is communicated May 6th

Eken Cup will be making a decision if the Cup can be played June 18-20 or not based on which guidelines that are presented by the Government and region Stockholm in the beginning of May. This will be communicated by Eken Cup on the website and via other forums on May 6th.

The Swedish Government has highlighted that it is of extra importance to ensure that sports- and cultural activities for children and young people, both indoors and outdoors, are continued to as large extent as possible as long as the restrictions and guidelines are followed,

Eken Cup see possibility to adapt and fence the area around the playing fields to limit total number of people present in conjunction with a game. Also it is possible to adapt the competition, food serving etc but we are dependent on the general risk of virus spread in Sweden at the time.

We cross our fingers that we are able to arrange Eken Cup this Summer, even if it is adapted to the Covid restrictions. Fees are refunded in the event of a cancelled cup.