Help us keep our young referees!

Eken Cup has for many years worked with various organizations, Save the Children and BRIS for example, to make Gubbängsfältet a protected field for all young people who play Eken Cup. An environment must be free from violations of players, coaches and referees. This year we concentrate especially on our young referees.

Eken Cup has approximately 120 referees who judge games during the tournament’s four days. This year, more than 90 of these are under 25. Eken Cup want to participate and contribute to their continue career as a referee. We want the young referees to get a positive experience.

Eken Cup has over the years worked with one-referee-system on the mini, D-youth and C2 (G/B01). We have been awarded a grant by the Swedish Handball Federation “Idrottslyftet” and can go up on two-referee-systems in most of these games and especially D-youth and C2. Then we give referees greater security and that they will be able to judge with a more experienced colleague. We cooperate with the Stockholm Handball Referee club in terms of judgments addition of Eken Cup. We’re using them also review referees so that they get good and immediate feedback on how they behave.

We also need help from all the players, coaches and spectators. Let handball be free from violations against referees. Help us keep our young referees!

Eken Cup