Eken Cup will be played according to IHF’s rules, which means that glue is allowed and point selection is allowed in all classes (2005), where appropriate and SHF’s rules.

Exception has been obtained for using the SHF´s regulations on handball sizes.

Exception has been obtained for the change of playing time in Eken Cup.

The Youth Cup is played in a group format, where all teams meet in a single series. The teams are then diveded into either A- or B-finals according to the playing schedule on our homepage. A-and B-finals are played according to a process of elimination.

The classes born in B/G07 and B/G08 are guaranteed atleast 6 games.

The Mini Cup for B/G05 and B/G06 will be played in a group stage with 3 – 5 teams. From that the team advances to a second group stage with 3 – 5 teams. All teams will end the tournament by playing a final.

Eken Cup for seniors only have an A-final round. Finals are played in a cup format.


Ranking of teams in the group stage is determined as follows:
1.    Points
2.    Goal Difference
3.    Most goals scored
4.    Results of the mutual meeting between the teams on equal points.
5.    Drawing of lots

Draw in the playoffs (with the exception of the A-finals) are determined by games for the first goal after drawing of lots. Ties in A-finals will be determined by extension 1 x 5 minutes after the drawing of lots. If the match still is evenly divided it will be determined by games for the first goal after drawing of lots.

Finals in The Mini Cup are determined by games for the first goal after drawing of lots.

Draw in the playoffs and finals for the Eken Cup seniors will be decided by extension 1 x 5 min after the drawing of lots. If the match still is evenly divided it will be determined by games for the first goal after drawing of lots.

Match length

All games in Eken Cup are played 2 x 15 min.

Game field

Matches are played on grass playing fields and artificial turf with approved measurements.

The Mini Cup is played on mini playing fields with appropriate goals, classes 2006 and 2007. The games for the classes for G05 and B05 will be played on a big playing field but the goal will have a lower cross bar!

You are allowed to use football boots at Eken Cup but it is not accepted to have metal studs on the boot.

Before the game

Before your first game begins you need to enter your team line-up in our administration system, CupManager. If you have any questions on your team line-up please contact the information tent located at Gubbängsfältet. The team line-up should be entered in the system on Friday before the tournament starts.

The team needs to be at the playing field at least 10 minutes before the game is set out to start!

If two teams have the same dress colour, the away team needs to change.

The home team has to bring a correct size and authorized ball to the game.

After the game

After the game, each team leader needs to sign the game protocol, the yellow card.

The winner of the game will leave the game protocol, yellow card, to the competition tower.

Number of players and substitutes

A team may use a maximum of 17 players per game. You may use the same player from a club in various teams in the tournament but not in the same age category. The player need to be licensed for the club it is playing for at Eken Cup.


The home team has to bring a correct size and authorized ball to the game. At a game we allow 3 Handballs to be used. 2 of the 3 Handballs should be placed on the ground near the post of the goal, one at each goal. All 3 Handballs should be acknowledged by the referee.

Handball Sizes

Size 00 – Soft Handball
(A Handball with a foam-rubber surface)
47-49cm and 150-200gram for female and male youth born 2007-2008 and playing the Mini-cup.

Size 0
(A handball that you are able to pump up and should bounce well. Should only be inflated lighly so it is possible to grip).
 46-50cm and 250-300gram for female youth born 2002-2006 and male youth born 2004-2006.

Size 1
50-52cm and 290 – 330gram for female youth born 2000-2001 and male youth born 2002-2003.

Size 2
54-56cm and 325-375gram for female youth born 1997-1999 and Women Seniors. Male youth born 2000-2001.

Size 3
58-60cm and 425-475gram for male youth born 1997-1999 and Men Seniors.

Tournament jury

The tournament jury will be appointed by the organizer.

Protests and Penalties

Protests have to be given to the information tent at the most 15 minutes after the game in question has finished. The protest quota (SEK 500) has to be paid at the same time. It will be returned if the protest is accepted.

Player and/or coach who receives two (four, six and so on) red cards is automatically suspended in the next game of the tournament The team-leader is responsible for the follow up.

Each team is responsible for it´s supporters behavior.


Dispensations can be applied for through our registering system or by mail to info@ekencup.se.

Eken Cup has the right to provide dispensation for one over-age player per game. The dispensation assumes that the over-aged player don´t play in her or his normal age group(an example could be that the club don´t have any team registered in that age group or that the player for social or other reasons fits better into a younger age group). If the team wants to use this dispensation you will have to contact Eken Cup before the tournament starts.

If you have a dispensation from your local district or nation please provide that to Eken Cup. Please notice that you always need to get a dispensation from Eken Cup also.

Walk Over

A team that does not show up without a legitimate reason will lose the game with 10-0. If this happens more than once, the team may be excluded from the tournament. If there are compelling reasons the jury can exclude a team on the first offence. For example if a deliberate walk over benefits the own or another team in the group. The Competition Committee has the right to re-schedule WO match.

The walk-over will be charged with a WO-fee SEK 1100: -.


The referees will be appointed by the Stockholm Handball Referees Club. Eken Cup referees will be mostly from Sweden but we also want referees from Finland and the Batic countries. We hope to have as many referees as always this year. Do you have someone in your organization who is interested please let us know.

Please contact domare@ekencup.se.

Read more at the “referee”-section

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