This menu was for Eken Cup 2018.


Single meals can be purchased at the entrance of Klein’s kitchen/Engelska Skolans cafeteria.

The price per meal is the same for players and spectators.

The collaboration between Eken Cup and Klein’s kitchen gives us the possibility to provide you with the following first­class menu.


Breakfast: 07.00-0­9.00

Saturday – Tuesday: Yoghurt, milk, muesli, cereal, hard & soft bread, margarine,
cheese, turkey, eggs, caviar, oat meal porrige with jam, tea, coffee, hot chocolate

Lunch: 11.00­-14.00

  • Saturday: Sausage Stroganoff with EKO rice
  • Sunday: Spaghetti Bolognese
  • Monday: Pasta Carbonara from turkey with grated cheese
  • Tuesday: Chicken drumsticks with fried potatoes and tzatziki

Dinner: 17.00­-20.00

  • Friday: Taco buffé from gound beef, soft tacos, nachos, salsa, sour cream, grated cheese and vegetables
  • Saturday: Meatballs with cream sauce, lingin berries and potatoes
  • Sunday: Chicken in curry sauce with EKO rice
  • Monday: Kebab plate with french fries, sallad, peppers and cold sauce

All main courses are served with bread, butter, milk and a salad buffet.